Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 most popular hotel and chains listed on Cheaprthanhotels in New Zealand.

Cheaper than hotels
Quality Inn hotels have been providing their best service since 60 long years now. They offer stylish and comfortable accomodation on more tham 900 locations all over the world. They attract lots of travellers due to their reputation in the market. they provide comfortable rooms with clean atmosphere and friendly staffs which makes the travellers to go to them again and again. They have lots of added facilities like swimming pool, spa, gim, conference rooms etc. Their range starts from as low as $74.00. so travellers can afford to stay in a world class place for just a hand ful of money and this is the biggest reason of attracting so many tourists and travelers. So, in short you have somany things to use in such a less expensive way.

Scenic Circle hotels and accommodation
The Scenic Circle hotels Ltd is a privately owned company which is a major hotel chains in the whole of New Zeland. The Scenic Circle hotes provise affordable rated for both business and leisure. Accomodation includes rooms and apartment style suites with kitchen and reataurants and bars. They have conference and function halls as well.
We can find The Scenic Circle hotels every where and the most popular hotels are at Queenstown, Dunedin, Aukland, Bay of islands, Gore etc.
Range or the price of the hotel rooms starts from as low as $99.00. So, thay always have something to offer to all types of travellers.

Novotel hotels and accommodation
Novotel Hotels can be found in all major countries and important cities all over the globe. These hotels are very comfortable as they are very near to transport links and close to and tourist sites and tourist attractions. We find th ehotels in Cairns,Coffs Harbour, Rotorua, Queentown,Bali and Phuket. The hotes has vast options to choose from. They have hotel rooms, suites, family rooms etc. they also have bars and restaurants on-site and also other facilities like health centres with spa and tennis court. they also have meetings and conference rooms for business purposes. Normally these hotels are situated in such places where the travellers get great scenic beauty which are sooting to eyes like mountain range.


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